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Team Sports Check List.
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Below are some frequently asked questions about Brevard Team Sports.



Q: How long will it take your items to ship to me?

    A: Please view our shipping map below.

Q: What screen print inks are available?

     A: Please download our available colors chart (PDF)

Q: How does screen printing work?

    A: The screen printing process involves 5 steps- create, set-up the artwork and any color separations,

transfer the image onto the screens (each color uses a separate screen), set up the screens on the press and

make sure the colors register, print the garment by mechanically pressing the ink through each screen, curing the ink by sending each item through a dryer that is set at a temperature that is close to 500 degrees, and finally, sorting and organizing the products to ensure accuracy.

Q: Can I submit my own artwork?

    A: Of course you can. Please reference our ordering form

Q: How long will my order take to process?

    A: Our standard turn around time is 2 weeks. In the event that you might need your product sooner,

please notify us to discuss rushing your order and any rush charges that may apply.

Q: What are the largest sizes available?

    A: Please reference our size chart for our standard sizes available. If you do not see the size you are looking for, Please contact us to check on the availability. Unfortunately, there are no standardized industry specifications or measurements for sizing. However, the following rules-of-thumb, as it relates to chest size/ width for adults and youth, are as follows:

T-Shirt Sizes  Width  Length  Comparable Clothing   Size   Bust Size


Adult S                      18"           27.5"                                                   S            36-37

Adult M                     20"            28.5"                                                  M           38-39

Adult L                      22"            29"                                                      L           40-43

Adult XL                    24"            30.5"                                                  XL          44-48

Adult 2XL                  26"            32"                                                    2XL         49-52

Adult 3XL                  28"            33"                                                    3XL         53-56


Adult S                       18"            25"                                                      S            36-37

Adult M                      20"            26"                                                     M            38-39

Adult L                       22"            27"                                                      L            40-43

Adult XL                    24"            28"                                                     XL            44-48

Adult 2XL                  26"            29"                                                    2XL           49-52


S                               14"            19"                                              S or 1/2, 3/4     32-33

M                              16"             22"                                             M or 5/6, 7/8     34-35

L                               17"             22"                                         L or 9/10, 11/12     36-37

XL                           17.5"            25"                                     XL or 13/14, 15/16    38-39

One Size                  16"               22"                             S, M or 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8    32-35

                                                                    Youth Youth

XS                          14.5"            19"                                                   XS or 2/4        32-33

Youth S                   16.5"          22.5"                                                  S or 6/8          34-35

Youth M                   18"             24"                                                   M or 10/12      36-37

Youth L                    19"            25.5"                                                  L or 14/16       38-39

Youth XL                 20"            26.5"                                                 XL or 18/20      38-39


New Born                 -                25"                                                  3-6 months            -

M                               -              26-29"                                             6-12 months           -

L                               -              30-32"                                            12-18 months          -

XL                             -              33-36"                                             18-24 months          -


  Note: measurements are approximation; length and width may vary slightly from manufacturer

To manufacturer within 1” or 2” of the dimensions listed above. Depending on the materials used, shirts could possibly shrink up to one full size.

Q: Can I mix sizes and colors?

    A: Sure. Most orders can include multiple sizes and colors as long the color of ink don’t change.

Q: Can I mix styles?

    A: Yes you can. Although some styles can be mixed, your best prices will come with orders from the same style number.

Q: What are the inks colors available through Brevard Team Sports printing?

    A: Please download our available colors chart (PDF)

Q: What are the artwork specifications?

    A: Please see the following requirements for your digital artwork. To avoid additional charges

And additional time, you must...

  1.  Submit your artwork at the actual size of your finished product.
  2.  Convert ALL fonts to outlines/paths.
  3.  Include ALL images that were either linked or placed in the artwork and submit in

A separate folder.

  1.  If the image on your product requires a bleed, the artwork will need to be submitted accordingly.
  2. A JPEG, PDF, or hard copy of the artwork will need to be submitted for reference.
  3. ALL spot colors should be clearly identified                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Software and file format

Summit at a minimum of 300 dpi at 100% (actual size)- a minimum of 600 dpi for text or detailed artwork.